We optimize your IT, so you
can focus on your business

Whatever your company’s needs are you have the Infinity guarantee:

We have worked with a broad selection of industries, with a heavy dose of service-driven categories, including law firms, government procurement firms, gas marketing companies, and logistical software companies.

The recurring themes in many of these engagements are uptime insurance and data protection. Because of this, we have continually refined internal IT systems and infrastructures that maximize uptime and protect your data.

Solutions include:

Whatever your company’s needs are you have the Infinity guarantee:

Our goal is to lower total cost of ownership while providing superior service. We understand that in your business showing a return on your IT investment is critical. This is what drives our focus as we create customized solutions for your business.

We have found that this approach, along with our Infinity GUARANTEE, gives our clients the Peace of Mind they deserve from their Infinity solution.

Don’t believe us look at the testimonials.

Aldata Solution is a leading global provider of supply chain software solutions to the retail and wholesale industries. As such, information technology is a critical component of our business model and the primary factor determining our ability to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. ITC has been invaluable in defining, procuring, and supporting our North American IT network and related infrastructure. The team’s pragmatic, consultative approach continues to serve us well.

Brendan Lowe, Vice President (North America)